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Data Warehouse

The core of DexterLab's infrastructure is our data warehouse, which can store petabytes of data and process transactions at lightning-fast speeds of up to 5 million transactions per second (TPS). Quick data set building and rebuilding is the driving force behind our success, enabling us to adapt quickly to new trends.

  • 3 million TPS rescan speed
  • Designed to run on any infrastructure provider
  • Distributed via multiple data center providers

Solana RPC on Steroids

Handling Solana archives can be complex, and their RPC operations could be faster, but we're about to change that. While developing our own Solana archives storage solution, we identified numerous areas within the RPC server that can be optimized for faster performance.

  • Designed to run on any infrastructure provider (GCE BigTable)
  • Scalable horizontally, we don't depend on default Solana validators
  • Distributed via multiple data center providers

Unified API

Developing apps for multiple blockchain networks presents a significant challenge as the data storage and retrieval method via RPCs varies across chains. This requires developers to monitor updates and manually normalize data within their apps constantly, adding a layer of complexity to the development process.

We are offering unified data sets across multiple chains.

  • Cross-chain
  • Custom data
  • Graph support

Early Access

Custom Datasets

For a speedy resolution to your app's needs, reach out to us. We specialize in creating tailored datasets for your project in just a few days!

DM us on Twitter Open a ticket on Discord

API Access

  • Providing the most popular way to get data via our RPC
  • Basic Data API. Pure and fast return of data
  • Developer API. SDK, webhooks, and custom API calls.