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9 Best Crypto Youtube Channels To Stay Up To Date With Crypto News

9 Best Crypto Youtube Channels To Stay Up To Date With Crypto News

Find it difficult to keep up with all the changes in the crypto market? Here's a list of TOP crypto analysts on Youtube who can help you get your head around the latest updates.

Youtube is often one of the go-to places on the internet if you want to learn something new. It’s packed with professionals and enthusiasts from various industries who are eager to share their insights and skills and can broaden your knowledge or perspective with a simple 20-minute video.

Crypto is not an exception. As it’s becoming increasingly popular, the number of crypto influencers is growing, too, making it slightly overwhelming for us to choose the channels that are really worth following.

Therefore, we compiled a brief list of the best crypto Youtube channels, from our personal favorites to the most popular ones that you should check out if you want to stay up to date with the latest market trends.

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau YouTube channel (best crypto Youtube channels)

Coin Bureau is one of the biggest crypto Youtube channels by subscribers, with nearly 2 million people following it at the time of writing.

Guy, the crypto guy and the host of Coin Bureau, provides clear and unbiased information with a dash of humor, making the content not only educational but also entertaining. He talks about things objectively without hyping them too much, making this channel the perfect source for research and everyday learning.

What’s also great about Coin Bureau is that it is perfectly suitable for both crypto newbies and those who have been following the market for a while and don’t want to miss anything important. Topics vary from crypto fundamentals and casual updates to in-depth analysis and reviews; therefore, watching it regularly can give you a pretty good overview and understanding of what's happening in the crypto market.

Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily Youtube - daily crypto news

Altcoin Daily Youtube channel is another huge source of crypto-related information for everyone who wants to keep up with the latest news.

The creators of Altcoin Daily, brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold, focus their efforts on providing fresh updates, overviewing the situation, and discussing the future of different coins or projects in the crypto world. It might get slightly confusing if you're just starting, as there are not that many videos explaining the crypto fundamentals. But if you’re already familiar with all that, you can expect some easy-to-digest insights that can even help you make investing decisions.

Unlike the previously mentioned Coin Bureau, Altcoin Daily does use urgency in most of their videos. Some of it comes out naturally as they’re discussing things like price changes (“The next 48 hours are huge for cryptocurrency”), and some can seem a little too much, yet again – this is where you get to decide.


Invest Answers Youtube channel

James Mullarney, the guy behind InvestAnswers, aims to provide clear and concise information related to crypto and finance in general.

As he states himself, the channel is “a guide to financial freedom, real estate, crypto, stocks, derivatives, options and other tools to get to your financial destination.” There, you will find market reviews, learn about different projects, find out what to expect in the upcoming days/months, and get an overall idea about things that can impact your investment decisions.

Although the videos are often longer than 30 minutes, the load of information you get is well-organized, therefore, easy to comprehend. The general tone is conversational, so it feels like you're just talking with James. And if you have questions, you can always ask – they will be answered in an occasional Q&A session.

EllioTrades Crypto

ElliotTrades Crypto - top crypto influencers

EllioTrades Crypto is one of the top crypto influencers and NFT enthusiasts who's very likable both by beginners and crypto addicts alike.

Elliot Wainman, the guy behind the EllioTrades Crypto mike, provides engaging content on various crypto projects, broadcasts live talks with notable people from the industry, shares his insights, analysis, and updates as well as market predictions.

He mainly focuses on DeFi, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and NFTs, although you can expect to see a little bit of everything as he quickly responds to ongoing trends.

At the time of writing, the channel is getting close to 600K subscribers, and that's no surprise considering both the host's energy and his ability to translate confusing stuff into an everyday language.


Bankless - crypto updates on Youtube

Bankless, compared to the other crypto Youtube channels in this list, may not seem that big, but it’s also one of the “youngest” channels out there.

Technically, it’s probably more accurate to call it a podcast as it’s just two guys (sometimes joined by guests) discussing things and, therefore, covering the trends and news that anyone interested in crypto and DeFi industries will DeFinitely (see what we did there?) find beneficial.

Co-founders of Bankless, Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, share a great vibe that makes consuming information easier and feels like you're a part of a conversation. Listen to these guys to learn how to get started with crypto, what's going on, and what opportunities await in the future.

Lark Davis

Lark Davis Youtube channel

Lark Davis, also known as The Crypto Lark, is one of the best crypto experts to follow on Youtube if you want to learn about cryptocurrency investing or simply stay up to date with the ongoing trends.

Lark seems like a fun and light-hearted guy who can actually turn years of personal experience in the crypto market into something valuable for everyone. He usually provides updates on the state of the crypto world and shares his insights alongside, but you can also expect to see some more general crypto-related videos, like guides to NFT, coin reviews, interviews, or even tutorials and tips.

BitBoy Crypto

Bitboy crypto channel

BitBoy Crypto Youtube channel is one of the largest crypto-focused channels on the platform, with nearly 1.5 million subscribers at the time of writing. It will be appreciated by those who like to be entertained while learning since the host, Ben Armstrong, seems to have mastered the combination of charisma, confidence, expertise, and humor.

No jokes here – you can literally see him sing the current state of the crypto market, and he has no problem doing that.

Besides that, the BitBoy Crypto channel is full of interviews and discussions with the biggest names in the crypto world. The team also posts 3-4 videos a day with the latest news and updates, project reviews, or crypto trading advice, so it’s a great place to be if you don’t want to miss a thing (and here’s an idea for Ben’s next crypto-related cover).

Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen Youtube

If you’re looking for the best source for deep technical analysis, look no further – it’s Benjamin Cowen’s Youtube channel, named Into The Cryptoverse.

Steadily paving his way to one million subscribers, Benjamin mainly presents price charts and live data for different crypto assets and shares his interpretation. As you can guess, every video is heavily focused on numbers, so can’t really claim that this channel is for everyone, but if you have no problem with that, Benjamin’s insights can be of huge help in making your own investing decisions.

Digital Assets News

Digital Assets News Youtube channel

As something born out of boredom, the Digital Assets News Youtube channel grew into quite a decent place to gather essential information for both crypto newbies and those who've been in the crypto world long enough.

The host, Rob Wolff (who also runs the website called DAN Teaches Crypto), aims to share his insights in bite-sized pieces so as not to overwhelm his subscribers and provide information that’s easy to consume in one sitting. Although the length of Rob’s videos varies from less than 10 minutes to over an hour, most of them are around 20-30 minutes, therefore, totally doable on a daily basis.

In the Digital Assets News channel, you’ll also find interviews and discussions with crypto experts, overviews of the current state of the market, and predictions for the future.

Keep learning

No one has ever become successful without putting at least some effort into the process – that's probably the bad news for everyone looking forward to just waking up rich.

But the good news is that nowadays, you can just watch Youtube to learn stuff since guys like those mentioned above don't mind sharing their experiences with you. Yes, it might be difficult to choose, but there’s a little something for everyone – so just pick your favorites and… go to the moon!