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Bubblegoose Ballers

Bubblegoose Ballers

Yesterday the news about the Bubblegoose Ballers mining on the 13th of June came out. Why do thousands of NFT investors care about strange-looking geese?

People say that Bubblegoose Ballers is the next big project on Solana. Although it’s not the first time we hear such statements about a collection but rarely do they end up being a big thing.

For sure, Bubblegoose Ballers has a decent amount of attention. In 2 months, official BGB Twitter grew to 200k+ followers, and there are almost 60k members on the Discord server.

But the hype built through whitelist giveaways and organized Solana NFT Twitter raids doesn’t mean NFTs will fly off the secondary market shelves. We’ve seen more than one NFT project with a massive following go even below mint price after the mint.

Will it be different with Bubblegoose Ballers? Does the collection have a chance of being the next big project on Solana?

What are the Bubblegoose Ballers?

Bubblegoose Ballers is an NFT collection of 10000 geese on the Solana blockchain. Speaking about BGB, we have to start with Carl Jones, the mastermind behind the collection and the star within the community.

Carl is best known for the television show The Boondocks (2005), where he was a writer, producer, and voice actor. The show ended in 2014, producing 55 episodes over four seasons. Besides The Boondocks, Carl is also known for producing Black Dynamite, Freaknik The Musical, Legends Of Chamberlain Heights, and The Jellies with Tyler The Creator. All the shows were part of the Adult Swim program, which is a big deal: Adult Swim is like a Cartoon Network for adults.

Animated Bubblegoose Ballers

By now, you’ve probably guessed what the Bubblegoose Ballers are all about. It’s not another project with staking, whitelist raffles and mutations. The Bubblegoose Ballers will be a TV show! The goal is to challenge the traditional structure and bring power to creators and audiences:

“One of the primary focuses of BGB is “ushering in a new paradigm for the television industry.” This means changing the structure of TV show creation, ownership, and censorship, by putting the power in your hands, our beloved HODLers.”

The art

When asked, Carl Jones explained that when he was growing up, all the ballers in his neighbourhood had the bubblegoose coats as a sign of freedom and success. This is where the inspiration came from. The art itself is very distinctive to say the least:

Carl Jones has nearly two decades of top-tier TV entertainment experience, but that’s not the only thing that can help him succeed in reaching his ambitious goals. Carl also has WAGMI Beach behind his back.

WAGMI Beach and The Catalina Whale Mixer

WAGMI Beach is a web3 native entertainment company developing original IP with creative worlds, including digital collectables, film, television, events, merchandise, and more. You can think of WAGMI Beach as a brand which will bring different web3 products collaborating with leaders and innovators of contemporary culture.

Catalina whale watching at the wagmi beach island

The founder of WAGMI Beach, Michael Ross George, is not a newbie in show business. George spent the better part of the last decade working alongside Scooter Braun, where he discovered and signed Martin Garrix. George also advised for music tech unicorn Splice, which has become ubiquitous in music production. Today the majority of the songs on the Billboard Hot 100 are produced using Splice samples.

The Gorge entered web3 with The Catalina Whale Mixer NFT collection, which has been a huge success so far. Since its mint in December 2021, TCWM has generated 190 thousand SOL in volume. The current floor price sits at 120 SOL. In fact, Kanye West is a holder of The Catalina Whale Mixer.

The collection has a community that holds on to their whale because of the huge benefits they get. One of them is getting a whitelist spot for any future projects coming from the WAGMI Beach franchise. So, every Catalina Whale Holder (5555) is whitelisted to mint the Bubblegoose Baller. I believe this is important in the after mint dynamics, as the Catalina Whale holders will be less likely to sell the Bubblegoose Ballers because they already have trust in WAGMI Beach and everything they do. 5555 diamond hands in the collection of 10000 NFT will leave fewer spots for those who flip their NFT as soon as they can.

Why bullish?

It is rare to see such a credible team between the hundreds of NFT collections on Solana and beyond. At WAGMI beach and Bubblegoose Ballers, we have people who not only have tons of experience in their field of expertise but also networking powers.

Carl Jones produced multiple shows for the well-known network Adult Swim. In the Discord announcement channel of Bubble Goose Ballers, you also see teasers such as:

"WAGMI Beach just had a juicy meeting with Fuzzy Door? Seth Macfarlane’s production company that brought you Family Guy, American Dad, etc???"


"We’ve been having some amazing conversations with big players in the ETH world. BGB will be making truly historic and unprecedented moves to bridge the gap between SOL and ETH, with the help of our friends at Magic Eden"

and praises from the one and only:

"The team and I just got back from VeeCon. That sh** was wild. Many people said our speech was one of their favorites of the weekend. Gary even walked up on Carl the next day and told him he loves the fu***** GEESE".

Sounds cool, but besides the great team, we also have the success of The Catalina Whales Mixer, and rarely do we see following collections fail after the first one laid out a firm road. It's the best marketing! Also, don't forget the eye-catching art and super active community.

Nothing in this article is financial advice. There are no risk-free NFT projects. Make sure you do your research!