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Earn While Playing Codyfight Strategy Programming Game

Earn While Playing Codyfight Strategy Programming Game

Codyfight is a multiplayer, turn-based strategy programming game. It will be a browser game including NFTs and allowing gamers to earn while playing.

Codyfight is a multiplayer, turn-based strategy programming game. It will be a browser game including NFTs and allowing gamers to earn while playing.

Programming game? It means that players with experience in coding can program their own AI bots to play for them. This way, the player-programmer can sit back and receive passive income while AI bots will play against each other (and they can create more than one).

It doesn’t mean that the game will be only limited to players with programming skills though. Other players will be able to compete against bots using their human talent.

All the robots will have their own NFT skins that will be tradable outside the game. The skins can wear off with time but they can also be repaired.

In the game, two robots (AI or human-controlled) navigate through a rectangle-shaped dynamic-sized map and collect points performing different actions.

At this point the game-play isn’t available but from the visuals you can find, you get an impression that the graphics will not be super detailed, although they look well made and memorable. Plus, the futuristic color palette gives off a unique vibe.


The Codyfight Token $CTOK is an ERC-20 token that can be traded on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains.

Token will be used to purchase CTickets (these will allow players to enter tournaments), NFT skins, CKeys (which is basically a robot, a player needs a skin and Ckey to play) repair skins and others.

The earnings will also be paid out in $CTOK and a player will be able to earn by:

  • Competing in arena games
  • Trading NFT skins
  • Participating in championships
  • Participating in tournaments
  • Hosting community tournaments
  • Collecting uncommon rewards
  • Referral programs
  • Creating in-game art
  • Bug reporting

CTOK will also be possible to stake and token holders will be allowed to participate in governance decisions.

For the rewards the team allocated only 15% of the token supply. Total supply is 127M $CTOK. And the allocation isn’t for the game winning rewards only, the portion is also LP and staking rewards.

I’m struggling to find how the winners will be funded and that is one of the most important questions - will the players be able to make a decent amount of money?

I assume some portion for the winning rewards will come from ticket, skin and other sales but the generated income can possibly be allocated for the development and the team to large extent as well.

One cautionary aspect of the token distribution is that a big portion of tokens are allocated to Private round. With 10% unlocked at TGE it will create large selling pressure.

Token price (both private and public): 0.08$

Market capitalization on TGE is planned to be 995,680$, so $264,000 worth of tokens from private investors will be available for selling at token launch. That is more than a quarter.

And that doesn’t even include tokens of the public round and 20% of marketing/ecosystem tokens that will also be unlocked at TGE and perhaps partially sold.


11 people in the team, they all lack prior experience working with web3.0 projects, blockchain games, games in general or crypto. They do have the CEO of DeRace as advisor which gives some credibility.

Nice to see that the team shares a Github link on a website which isn’t very common. Although the activity on Github is low, last update was 9 days ago, there are only 4 repositories, with no open or closed issues.

Partnerships & investors

Codyfight has received investments from 8 investors. Their most recent funding round was on Dec. 19, 2021, when they have raised 2.6M

There are no partnership announcements at this point.

Social sentiment

The project has links to pretty much all social platforms -  Twitter, Toktok, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Medium, Discord, Telegram.

Most of them show no activity but a couple of them do - Telegram - 28,7K members and 3,9K are online. Facebook - 6K followers. Twitter has 26,3K followers but engagement is pretty low.

In the Medium page the team shares more than just partnership updates or what they are working on. The content still revolves around the game but it also expands into the problems the team addresses and solutions they think could solve those problems.


Token IDO in Q1 2022 and the launch of the game TBA.


The first thing I do not like is the audience that is possibly limited. Although the game has a place for players without coding skills, I think the winning will be dominated by the AI bots just because a programmer player can create many of them leaving the human players a small chance to generate income.

But I might also be wrong, the exact mechanics aren’t clear at this point and perhaps the humans will be superior with their skills against AI bots or the rewards for humans will be higher.

Also, a narrow niche might not be a bad thing. From the marketing perspective it’s easier to target a niched down audience. Also, the fan base might not be supermassive but it can possibly be active and engaged in the community. For smaller projects like this it’s better to have a tight but committed community rather than larger but full people that don't really care about the project.

Anyway, the team needs to prove that it builds and can build a product that people will love. For now the idea is great but there isn’t even a game-play available. Plus and the project is in untested territory, it’s almost a completely new genre in gaming.

The main question to answer is - will the game let users make $$$ because for the P2E game of this size, most of the users will be for that reason only.

Speaking about TGE, the numbers of the tokens that will be unlocked the first day are large. I think there will be a lot of sell pressure and social sentiment doesn’t signal that there will be a lot of buy pressure. But, if Codyfight will get decent launchpads, the project might reach a lot of people who can possibly love the idea because the concept is pretty cool. And these people who will not get allocation for public sale, might be fomo’ing at TGE pumping price.