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Crypto Cannabis Club: NFT Collection To Be Aware Of

Crypto Cannabis Club: NFT Collection To Be Aware Of

The Crypto Cannabis Club is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs called NFTokers on Ethereum.

The Crypto Cannabis Club is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs called NFTokers on Ethereum. Owning NFToker grants you access to the Crypto Cannabis Club, where you can breed digital weed (aka NFTokins), compete in grow competitions for both physical and tokenized prizes, and hang with like-minded individuals.

The collection minted July 31, 2021. The floor price of the collection is 0.18ETH at the time of writing and it minted for 0.07 ETH per Toker. The collection sold out in 8 days.

There are a couple of sales coming every hour if you look at the most recent sales. 159 of NFTs were sold in the last 7 days.

There are 4,2K holders which is a decent ratio from the perspective of distribution and 2,488 of items are listed for sale, that is is perhaps a little above average.

The average sale price curve goes more or less sideways and it doesn’t drop too much even through the recent ongoing NFT bear market. I would say that it shows a strong community which is in for what the project has to offer and not for profits only.


On the website only information about devs is shared but they do not have full names nor faces shown. They focus on communicating on the fact that devs are cannabis users and growers and they do not even speak about their development experience.

No more information about the team or artist can be found.


Each NFToker can be used to redeem a tokenized digital cannabis plant (NFTokin) with unique visual characteristics (buds, leaves, stalks, pots, etc.) as well as hidden attributes (like THC, terpenes, yield, and CBD).

Real world cannabis breeding knowledge as well as research conducted in the Crypto Cannabis Club helps NFTokers to breed high performing plants on the blockchain.

Poor performers can be burned for a partial refund of breeding fees and high performers will become legends within the Crypto Cannabis Club.

Each NFToker may enter their best plants in competitions to earn NFTs and real world prizes.

NFTokers can also be staked to earn income generated from breeding and competition fees within the Crypto Cannabis Club!

NFToker owners are also able to participate in governance decisions in the CCC and participate in building the future of the project.

Social sentiment and community

Twitter has 32,2K followers and 3K people joined in the last 30 days. There are 20K members on a Discord channel and 2K of them are online.

The general chat is pretty active keeping in mind that there are 2K people online only. Community is positive, you can see some people looking forward to buying an NFT in chat.


Team invested in The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Crytpovoxels to bring the headquarters into the metaverses where they plan to provide experience for users to interact with the community and bring their tokers to life. They will be hosting events in the metaverses with brand sponsors, giveaways, limited merchandise drop.

They are also holding real time events and a weekly podcast. Overall the roadmap doesn’t show that any meaningful events are coming in the future, the project has its main part, growing of digital cannabis running and that is the epicentre of the project.


Looks like a decent project niched down to a particular group of people and if you’re not in that group of people, it doesn’t provide much value. So if you do not smoke and grow weed and aren’t very interested in participating in the utility part of the project, it just isn’t super interesting.

I do not see it to have a high potential from just an investment perspective, perhaps it will grow with the NFT bull market but it looks as if CCC likes a sideways action. It is also a strength and I think it shows some benefits of the niche NFT projects. Like-minded people enjoy being a part of a community and the team doesn’t need to do much to keep the people engaged, just provide a decent art and a cool utility for their NFT.

The anonymous team is a red flag but that is just so common in the NFT space.

The website has problems that are overlooked by the team. Some menu items don't work, others take to the wrong section on a one page website. The aspects are tiny but they take away some trust. Although for weed smokers it can be forgiven.