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How To Do Your Own Crypto Research?

How To Do Your Own Crypto Research?

Greetings folks - here we have prepared a small comprehensive tips & links guide on how to do your own research freely and efficiently. Take a look below!

Greetings folks - here we have prepared a small comprehensive tips & links guide on how to do your own research freely and efficiently. Take a look below!

A compilation of the best websites and free tools to use


A cloud-based charting and social networking platform. You can search out several different crypto traders and see whether people are feeling more bearish or bullish as a result. You can either create your own price targets, or find out others' price targets.


A website and an app that allows you to stay on top of crypto markets. You can use it to view live price changes for thousands of different cryptos, set price alerts, rate and view ratings for a coin, build lists, view trending news, etc. It also has a reward system that hasn't been fully developed yet, but could be utilized in the future for NFT's, their own crypto, etc.


Similar to CoinGecko, allows you to stay up to date on crypto markets. Also allows you to see thousands of cryptocurrencies, with the capability to look at brand new crypto's being released, as well as current trending crypto's as well. Has an 'earn' section which allows you to perform quizzes to end with a chance at getting airdropped crypto, as well as a rewards section which allows you to collect diamonds which will be used at a later time as well.


This website shows all upcoming events and future releases regarding a certain Cryptocurrency. Allows you to see what's being released by which cryptocurrency, and gives you an opportunity to buy ahead in anticipation for price increases as a result of upcoming events.


It's utilized as a good metric to compare coins based on their adoption. MultiCoinCharts: A website that allows you to view multiple different coins at once. It's a great resource to utilize if you often watch various coins at the same time, or need to often look between different coins at a high frequency.


Allows you to unchain market indicators for Bitcoin and Ethereum. You’ll be able to see stats like exchange info volume for them.

Fear and Greed

Allows you to take a look at the crypto fear and greed index to have an idea how the people are feeling in general about crypto right now, and historical values over the past months as well. Good way to gauge buying and selling opportunities.


Allows you to view the amount of bitcoin being transferred to and from exchange wallets to understand investors' behaviors. Allows you to better understand what people are currently doing within the markets.

Alt Season Index

This website is used as an indicator to see how the altcoins are performing in comparison to Bitcoin. It has a generalized score rating to determine whether we are in Altcoin season (over 75 being Altcoin season), or Bitcoin season (under 25 being Bitcoin season, or in other words, BTC dominance chart).


A site more composed of data that allows you to see the numbers for things such as hash rates, fees, mining breakdowns, network nodes and more. Further, you can view statistics based on the country to determine how adoption is going based on their trends and news.


Allows you to view certain things such as current market caps, speculative market caps, total supplies and maximum supplies to allow you to see how coins could progress or regress.


Tracks cryptocurrency prices, manage your portfolio, set price alerts, and read the latest news with crypto portfolio tracker. Can be utilized as an app through the phone too.


Provides reliable data and market intelligence with professional grade data, tools, and research.

Quick 15-minute look tips and what to search for

  • Read every white paper. If it's too complicated, skim and spend time trying to understand the underlying fundamentals of it. It's better to spend more time here than less.
  • Try to evaluate the current size of market cap/fully diluted market cap to where it could be if they meet their roadmap.
  • Tokenomics are sometimes horrible and the team/early investors gets like 90% of the tokens. Make sure you buy tokens with a fair distribution. Especially when the users who help grow/support the network are rewarded.
  • Research the team and ask questions directly to them in the chat. Try to understand if they're in this for the long run with absolute conviction or they're trying to make a quick buck. Evaluate their talents because investing in talent is a great way to get wealthy.
  • Participate in social media and see how strong their outreach is. You can have the best technology in the world, but if no one uses it - it's worthless.
  • Size your investment with the overall strength of it. Don't go all in even if it seems like a sure thing. Some projects trade sideways for years before pumping.
  • Be patient, just because other people haven't seen what you have doesn't mean your decision was wrong. It takes time to build a product and market it.

A brief expansion on points above (slightly more technical approach, rather than an overview):

  • You must first understand the basic cryptocurrency terminology. For example, what is a chain of blocks? What are alt coins? What is the difference between a smart contract platform and a DeFi project? If you know this, great, you can move on to step 2. If not, I suggest starting with an examination of these terms and trying to understand how cryptocurrency works in general. If you find the time, I would also suggest you read a book on bitcoins and its whitepaper.
  • Once you know which coin you are researching (and what type of cryptocurrency it is), you need to dive in and start reading and watching the content. A lot. Also, don’t forget to check the facts as this is very important. Another thing you should do is list its competitors (for example, if you are researching Ethereum, competitors include Cardano, Polkadot, Cosmos, etc.) and compare the cryptocurrency under investigation with its competitors.
  • Check if product has lack or good adoption - if they do not, how much time is anticipated to be needed in order for it to come? Why are they not yet with one? Check if their protocol is complete - if not, what will they do and what are their plans with regards to that? How much time will it take to fix and utilize the projects? Is the project good with liquidity? If the prices get dumped, will investors and developers drop and bail, leaving all the bagholders holding? Is it decentralized? What will the protocol have to or has sacrificed to make it so?
  • Lastly, repeating on basics -> background checks on dev. team and are these real people or not, what are they experiences in this field, are they credible - who are the investors? Community? More like cult and pumpers or legit tech. fans?

At the end of the day, trade carefully and remember all the best tools are free!