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Fabulosa NFT

Fabulosa NFT

Bohemia team has introduced Manuscript 2.0, and there are some exciting things to wait for. The New NFT collection enriching current Bohemia and $WOOP ecosystem is one of them. Let's see what the team came up with!

The Bohemia collection was minted three months ago, and since then, the team has introduced multiple utilities for NFTs and the token $WOOP.

NFT holders got an airdrop of bottles with messages in them. But you can’t read those messages, they have to be deciphered first. To do so, you have to spend $WOOP. In case, you haven’t got the bottle, you can buy them on Bohemia website for 300 $WOOP.

You have a 20% chance the message giving you a opportunity to send your Bohemian to the Ayahuasca retreat. After the retreat, your Bohemian is leveled up into Guru Master, who earns 2x of $WOOP.

You can also spend your $WOOP in The Bohemian SortingHat, which is a raffle site.

All these gamified utilities are only a portion of what the Bohemia team is working on. At the center of the project is Galleries of Bohemia: 3D art galleries developed with Unreal Engine 5, allowing 1/1 artists and groups to curate exhibits using their own NFTs. Also, a marketplace connecting all the elements of Bohemia metaverse is on the way, and an application that will allow swapping the visuals of Bohemian NFTs between their OG look and their Guru Master look.

But the biggest news from the Bohemia Manuscript 2.0 is the Fabulosa NFT collection which will be minting in July 2022.

Bohemia and Fabulosa NFTs

Fabulosa will bring more utility to the $WOOP token through Gamified Raffle System. When you hear an NTF collection doing raffles, you want to roll your eyes, but Fabulosa is leveling up the raffle meta making it much more interesting.

To participate in the raffle, you will need a Fabulosa and some $WOOP. With the $WOOP you will buy Magic Herbs, which is required to cast a spell. In other words, you need to pay to enter the raffle.

What’s interesting is that the system behind Fabulosa has been designed so that holders can increase their chances of winning based on the chosen configuration and the NFT they own. For example, you can add a love letter into your configuration, or a larger amount of $WOOP if you want to have better chances of winning. The rarity of Fabulosa also affects the chances.

Okay, so what can you win? The rewards are divided into 7 levels, AIR category being the lowest level giving you nothing, and DIAMOND could contain a blue chip NFT or other exclusive packages. You can also win more $WOOP, USDC or SOL, and other exciting prizes like traveling the world.

fabulosa nft raffle structure

The Bohemia NFT collection is one of the best-looking PFPs on Solana, and Fabulosas are created by the artist GringoGrass. We can expect quality work from him.

Gringo initially wanted to create animals that represent owls and cats, but during his creative process, he began experimenting with different types of animals. This resulted in the creation of the Fabulosas. Depending on the way you look at the Fabulosas, you will discover more and more mythical animals.

Teams who do not copy others and have the creativity to introduce into the ecosystem something new = bullish! And we will see more great things coming from Bohemia team as the Fabulosa’s mint funds will be reinvested into the development of the entire Fabulosa and $WOOP ecosystem to continue delivering exciting utilities and features. The team plans to invest in more IT infrastructure and onboard additional full-time developers

In this market correction, when great NFT projects are on a discount, I think Bohemia can be a great addition to your NFT collection. And if you have 22 SOL to spend, Guru Master Bohemian is even better as it also gives you a whitelist for the Fabulosa. Plus, the team promised to introduce multiple perks for holders who hold both Guru Master Bohemians and Fabulosa NFTs.

Not financial advice. Always do your research!