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NFT NYC 2023: Exciting Events, Speakers, And The Impact On NFT Market

NFT NYC 2023: Exciting Events, Speakers, And The Impact On NFT Market

Discover the highlights of NFT NYC 2023, featuring exclusive launches, expert speakers, community gatherings, and the impact on NFT markets.

The NFT.NYC 2023 conference, now in its 5th edition as the world's largest NFT industry event, began on April 12th and continues in full swing until the 14th.

This engaging, in-person event brings together hundreds of talented artists, musicians, filmmakers, investors, and tech entrepreneurs under one roof, emphasizing the importance of NFTs and blockchain technology.

What's the buzz among NFT enthusiasts?

NFT NYC serves not only as an annual celebration of creativity and innovation but also as an invaluable platform for industry leaders, collectors, and enthusiasts to network, collaborate, and learn about the latest developments in the NFT space. What are NFT enthusiasts looking forward to the most?

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Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds' location-based NFT platform mixes real world and digital experiences by inviting people to location-based NFT minting.

In partnership with DeLabs, creators of DeGods and Y00Ts, Lost Worlds offer unique scavenger hunts and treasure hunts with over $100,000 in claimable prizes.

STEPN is also set to launch its scavenger hunt, where miners can claim badges and become eligible for exclusive STEPN mints on the MOOAR NFT platform.

9dcc’s Treasure Hunt

Another treasure hunt is hosted by gmoney, the founder of 9dcc. Starting at a secret location, participants will follow clues to various NYC landmarks and collect commemorative POAPs and pins by artist Snuffy. The 9dcc team will also launch their luxurious ITERATION-03 baseball cap featuring Networked Product technology.

PROOF and Beeple

The exclusive PROOF x Beeple event on April 13th in Brooklyn offers live performances, music, and a Diamond Nest Trailer preview for only 400 attendees. PROOF Collective, Moonbirds, and Oddities token holders can enter a raffle for tickets on the PROOF mint site, with PROOF of Conference ticket holders receiving priority. Tickets are non-transferable, and ten lucky attendees will win a special NFT during the event.

The Doodle Boy and Orange Comet

Web3 media and gaming company Orange Comet is partnering with 13-year-old artist Joe Whale, aka Doodle Boy, to launch an NFT collection called "The Remarkables" and host an art exhibition and charity event during NFT NYC 2023.

The exhibition, taking place at the NFT Gallery on April 12, will showcase a 10-piece collection featuring world-renowned artists merging storytelling and traditional aesthetics with digital art. The event supports The Foundling Museum charity, with proceeds from unique digital NFT art pieces created by Joe in collaboration with other artists. These NFTs will also have physical canvas counterparts. Titled "FABLE: TALES OF CHILDISH REVERY," the exhibition aims to inspire joy and reconnect people with their inner child through creative imagination.


Apes dancing

ApeFest 2023, the annual festival celebrating Bored Ape and Mutant Ape holders, is considering new locations and dates, diverging from its previous alignment with NFT.NYC. For this reason, ApeFest can't be considered an NFT NYC 2023 event, however, it's worth adding it to this list as it is highly anticipated event with music, exclusive merchandise, art, and an open bar for attendees.

No official information about the new location or specific dates has been released by Yuga Labs or BAYC. BAYC co-founder Gordon Goner has also hinted at the possibility of ApeFest 2023 being both a digital and physical event, allowing those unable to attend in person to participate via the Otherside metaverse.

What Else?

This year's NFT NYC 2023 event boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, such as Yat Siu (Chairman of Animoca Brands), Chris Schlosser (SVP Emerging Ventures at MLS), Dave Torres (VP Digital Experience at Macy's), Jona Wilmsmann (Co-Founder of AtomicHub), Andy Krainak (President of VeeFriends), Sebastian Oddo (Co-Founder of Blockchain at Microsoft), Tom Bilyeu (Director of NFTs, Blockchain, and Web3 Marketing at Mastercard, and CEO and Co-Founder of Impact Theory Studios), Jane King (CEO of LilaMax Media at the NASDAQ), and Alex Atallah (Co-Founder of OpenSea), among many others.

williamsburg nft wall in NYC

In addition, there will be an array of community events. The Cool Cats NYC Meetup at Barcade provides an opportunity for Cats, Pets, and Fractures holders to hang out with the community and enjoy complimentary drinks, snacks, and arcade games. Art Blocks collaborates with Samsung to showcase their Friendship Bracelets project at Samsung's flagship 837 location, which is open to all. The Burn Ghost Games Launch Party, held at LUME studios, celebrates the official debut of the blockchain-powered casual game platform. The CrypToadz Community Event at SPIN invites holders to indulge in drinks, conversation, and ping-pong in a distinctive setting. Finally, plans for a potential Deadfellaz Community Event are underway, with more details to be revealed in the future.

How Does NFT NYC 2023 Affect The NFT Markets?

Some enthusiasts might wonder if the event will affect NFT floor prices, as NFT NYC 2023 could bring additional attention to the market and increase trading volume.

In fact, we have seen an increase in Ethereum NFT trading volume starting April 12th. However, there are slightly more sellers than buyers, suggesting that NFT NYC 2023 is a "sell the news" event, although its impact is not very significant.

Ethereum NFT sales data

In light of this, the floor price of the top NFT collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club, dropped by 7% from 58.95 on April 11th, the day before NFT NYC 2023 started, to 54.4 on April 13th. Mutant Ape Yacht Club has remained relatively flat, with MAYC trading at around 13 ETH both today and two days ago.

CryptoPunk traded at a floor price of 57 on April 11th and saw the lowest sale at 55.35 on the 13th.

Azuki dropped from 14.5 ETH on April 11th to 13.5 on April 12th but quickly recovered the next day to 14.9 ETH, showing a 10% increase in 24 hours.

DeGods, the top collection of Solana NFTs until it recently migrated to Ethereum, follows a similar pattern as Azuki – starting with a floor price of 9.3 on the 11th, dropping 9% the next day, and almost recovering on the 13th during NFT NYC 2023.

NFT NYC 2023's Role in Fostering Innovation and Community Growth

As NFT NYC 2023 comes to a close, it is clear that the event has once again showcased the ingenuity, passion, and growth within the NFT community. While there is no strong evidence to suggest a significant impact on the overall NFT market, the conference has proven to be an excellent opportunity for industry leaders, collectors, and enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and learn about the latest developments in the NFT space. As we look forward, it is evident that this annual event will continue to play a crucial role in fostering innovation and driving the adoption of NFTs and blockchain technology worldwide.