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Nyan Heroes: Solana P2E Game Review

Nyan Heroes: Solana P2E Game Review

Nyan Heroes: P2E game on Solana

Nyan Heroes is a P2E game on Solana where players will be able to collect Nyans (Cats) and their Guardian Robots as NFTs and battle them against other players in a shooter style action game.

Players will be rewarded with the token for completing tasks, winning battles, and progressing in adventure mode. Players will also collect rare and unique weapons and skins, which, just like all in-game assets, will be possible to trade in a marketplace.

The team promises attractive graphics and post-apocalyptic theme visuals but at this point no game-play or even a teaser video are available.

You can guess the game looks from the NFTs and a few game snapshots shared on social platforms.

Cat NFT:

Game snapshot:

There was a genesis NFT Nyan Heroes drop in October. The current floor price of the NFTs are 12SOL. Sales aren’t very frequent, in the last 24 hours, 12 NFTs were sold. Mint price was 3 SOL.

The collection has 11111 items and there are only 49 items listed. Many of them could be staked as the option is provided on the website for the rewards of the utility token $CTNP. This shows that the project has believers who just hold their NFT and are waiting for the launch of the game.


The game has a 2 token system where $NYN is the main token, that can be earned while playing the game, and will also be a currency for marketplace transactions. It will be possible to stake $NYN.

$CTNP is a utility token. These tokens will be used in-game to level up characters and weapons, craft items and modify land plots.

$NYN will have a fixed supply with an unlock schedule over 4 years but no vesting schedule is announced, the token isn’t launched yet. For now we can only see the token distribution which brings attention to the large allocation for private investors meaning that 20% of the tokens will be waiting to be sold. Public sale is also large as compared to many other gaming projects and public sale tokens usually don't have a long vesting.

On the other hand, I like seeing that a big portion of the tokens are allocated for rewards, indicating that players can possibly earn decent returns.

It’s worth mentioning that the allocation graph is from the Whitepaper which was updated in August 2021 and is also a subject to change.


A co-founder Wendy Jie Huang, better known as Wengie or WRAYA, is a Chinese Australian YouTuber, vlogger, pop singer, and voice actress. She has a degree in accounting and business, and has years of experience as a head of digital marketing for E-Web Marketing and SavvySME. She is an influencer with a combined following of 30M followers across all social platforms - 14M+ subscribers YouTube.

A co-founder, Maxmerro is WRAYA's business partner and a gaming influencer himself. For the past year he has developed a Roblox game called Animal Island with Melon Development Inc, being the creative director, lead game designer and project manager.

Max has a degree in Medicine and Surgery and was a Senior Surgical Resident prior to his journey into the digital creator space.

In a whitepaper you can see 2 developers listed with little details about experience in their descriptions.

They have advisor Brycent who is NFT gamer, streamer, and YouTuber, also  co-founder of Loot Squad which is a NFT gaming guild.

There are 6 people listed in the team section and 3 of them have something to do with the development itself - 2 developers and 1 artist.

It is unknown how many developers and artists are actually building the game, Github page of the product couldn’t be found. They throw in some game sneak peaks here and there so game development is happening but I would guess that the team isn’t large and the progress is slow.

Partnerships & investors

Nyan Heroes closed a 2,5M seed investment round in November 2021. The project was backed by names like Three arrow capital, Alameda research, Solana Ventures. Also, notable angels, including Kevin Lin (Twitch), Thomas Vu (Riot Games), Jihan Wu (Matrixport), Darren Lau (The Daily Ape) and MrBlock.

Social sentiment

Twitter has 47.6K followers and it grew by 9.4K new followers in the last 30 days. The page was created in August 2021. Engagement is average to low.

Discord server has 86,5K members and 4,4K of them are online at the time of writing. Chat isn’t the busiest but active enough.

Medium page has explanatory posts, updates, partnerships. They post once a week, sometimes less.


Next thing the community can wait for is the Mech Drop (NFT robot). It is scheduled for Q1, 2022.

Public IDO is also in Q1, 2022.

Game prototype for Q2 and the Alpha version at the end of the year.


I do not know how trustworthy the core team's abilities are to lead the team and manage all operations but what’s good about the team is their influence. The reach of co-founders and an advisor is pretty large plus, one co-founder and advisor have following in the gaming sector so they can reach the right people. It will be very helpful in terms of adoption. For now, the product doesn’t evoke much excitement, the team needs time to prove it can deliver.

Having notable investors are bullish but they have too many tokens in their hands.