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Raised In Oblivion: P2E Game Review

Raised In Oblivion: P2E Game Review

The flourishing P2E game market offers tons of investment opportunities, but you have to sift through the noise to find the best P2E games. RIO-X could be the one!

Rio-X is a first-person shooter P2E game built on Unreal Engine with NFTs, staking, and all the good stuff the blockchain can offer:

  • P2E system
  • Farming & staking rewards
  • Buying and selling land and advertisements
  • NFT playable weapons
  • New NFT playable characters
  • New homes or land in NFT

The action is happening in the post-apocalyptic Brasil, Rio town, and your goal is to shoot others in order to survive.

I see a few bullish points here: the Counter Strike-like games are very popular; the game should be appealing to the massive Brasil gamer audience; P2E opportunities have decent traction in the South American region.

Screenshots from game-play video:

As you can see, the Rio-X graphics are top-notch, but the open-world games also have many details, so such projects require a lot of time to build.

The good thing is that the Alpha version of RIO-X is already available to play. The team also did an early access launch on the STEAM platform to test and validate functions and raise financial resources to cover operational costs and achieve the pre-alpha level Rio-X is at the moment.

The Steam users will get to play the first version of the game on the 30th of June, 2022.

67% of 540 Steam users' reviews of the game are positive. To summarize the reviews left by people: the game is superb, it has a lot of potential, but it is laggy and isn't ready to play.

I believe that once the team fixes the errors, Rio-X will be on the path to adoption.

P2E economy and token inflation

RIO-X is a governance and utility token of the ecosystem and will be used to buy NFTs, stashes, lands, advertisements, and event tickets. Token will run on the Polygon network.

There will also be a Rio Coin, a game-oriented item gamers will earn while playing. RIO Coins can be later used for purchasing food, medicine, or exchanged for RIO-X tokens.

The total supply of RIO-X is 1 billion tokens. Seed investors get 5% of the allocation for $0.02. 5% unlocked at TGE, then 6% monthly over 15 months, and 5% over 1 month.

Private round investors get 10% for the price of $0.025. 5% at TGE, 7% monthly over 12 months, then 5.5% over two months.

A public sale will take place on four launchpads for $0.03 per token, and 4% of tokens are allocated to the public round. Sixteen days are left for sale on the Seedify launchpad. The dates on other launchpads were not announced, but I suppose the whole public sale will be over in around 2-3 weeks. 15% of public sale tokens will be unlocked at TGE, then 5% will be vested monthly over three months, then 10% monthly over seven months.

The team has 10%, advisors 4% allocations - pretty standard stuff.

The vesting isn’t too alarming, but the inflation will likely be high, just like with other P2E games.

Pie chart of p2e game tokenomics

Who is behind the RIO-X

Phoenix Studio develops the game. It has five members on the executive team and 13 members on the technical team. The studio is in partnership with Portal Whale Capital and has many highly skilled blockchain developers with years of experience building DeFi and NFT products.

Phoenix Studio was established in 2014. In May 2019, they launched the first game, Dauntless. Since then, the community has grown to more than 25 million players across four platforms.

Partners and investors

Strategic partners include Seedify, The Moon, ZBS Capital, Portal Whale, Capital, Red Dragon, Sufgang, Unreal Engine, NVidia, AWS, DaoMaker, Blokpad, Dreamboat Capital, KPC. The amount of funds raised isn't disclosed at this point.

An influencer listed in the partners' section on the Raisedinoblivionx website, "The Moon,'' is a notable figure in crypto space. He has over 500K subscribers on Youtube and 1M on Twitter. If he will be shilling the project, then a pump is expected when he'll be speaking about it (probably followed by the dump). Anyway, that's not a certainty, perhaps the Phoenix Studio only paid him to use his logo, which is a promotion in itself.

Partner logos of RIO-X game

Community and social sentiment

RIO-X doesn't have much hype on social media. Twitter has a small number of followers and low engagement. Same vibes on Discord, Instagram, or TikTok.

Social account follower amount

So, it seems like marketing isn’t the focus now, but I believe the team will work on that after raising the funds. I also think the game is notable enough to attract a lot of eyes or even grow organically once released. Regardless, it would be nice to see more activity and engagement from the community until then.


Events of Q2, 2022:

  • Tournament (pre-alpha users);
  • Launch of the Marketplace;
  • In-game WEB3 integration;
  • Launch of the first NFT collection;
  • Contract Audit;
  • Beta launch on Testnet;
  • IGO and TGE;
  • Listing on DEX;

Q3/Q4 2022:

  • Official game launch;
  • Listing on CEX;
  • First live show on the metaverse;
  • E-Sports Team and Guilds partnership;
  • Tournament (e-sports and guilds team);
  • New map (Rocinha);


  • Planning and new partnerships;
  • Video Game Console Integration;
  • Feasibility for integration with VR utilities.

Is Raised In Oblivion a worthy P2E game and investment?

The game looks really good, and I like that the team is going on a different path than most P2E games or projects. They are about to release the first version of the game but only now raising the funds. So, the game is still under the radar, but it has a lot to offer, and people will not need to wait a couple of years to play.

I’d like to see more teams’ effort on community growth, as the public sale is not that far off, and the community is tiny for a project like this.

On the brighter side, the public sale on four major launchpads, DaoMaker, Seedify, Blokpad, and Trustpad could potentially bring a lot of exposure, and the quality of the game perhaps is enough to attract buyers and fans.

Also, the game is on Steam so it will be discoverable to tons of Steam users.

In terms of investing, it depends on the market conditions and movement of BTC, but I think it’s a great option to buy if the timing is right (before the game coin run or small-cap run).

The fact that private and seed round token price is not that much smaller than the public sale could mean that public buyers will potentially drive the price below even seed round. Public sale tokens are only $0.01 more expensive than private. Public tokens are unlocked more rapidly, and there will be more panic selling from public buyers if the price is trending downwards.

So, I think we will see the IDO prices on the market after the token launch.