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Sidus Heroes: A Game With NFT And Play-To-Earn Elements

Sidus Heroes: A Game With NFT And Play-To-Earn Elements

Sidus is AAA+, MMORPG (RPG where a large number of people can participate simultaneously) browser game with NFT and play-to-earn elements.

Sidus is AAA+, MMORPG (RPG where a large number of people can participate simultaneously) browser game with NFT and play-to-earn elements.

The game will take place in a futuristic world where technologies have merged with living beings. The world is inhabited with 12 races. All of them will represent a different blockchain and will be named accordingly (Bitcoione, Etheredus, Avalanya, Polkacayon).

Players will be able to join forces and go on different missions together, this will be necessary in order to advance in the game. PvP battles will also be available as well as the ability to explore the metaverse, build and farm or take part in political races. Wide range of activities will make the game appealing for different kinds of players and larger audiences.

The front page has a really cool intro to build excitement. Of course the game itself doesn’t have such cinematic graphics but the visuals still look really polished and attractive.

The game demo can be accessed on the website where a player can walk around inside a spaceship. There’s not much you can do and the only thing I didn’t like is the awkward controls. Although, it can be related to the relatively slow laptop I’m using. I believe, the game with such graphics will need a more decent machine to play and enjoy.

People who want to get involved in the ecosystem right now can acquire a Sidus Heroe NFT. 6000 unique characters on Ethereum network with different levels of rarity will serve as an entrance ticket to SIDUS. In the future, NFT staking will be available.

The NFTs are currently trading on Opensea and cost of them is rising up from the September when they were released:

The current floor price is at 0.76ETH and a few sales are happening in an hour approximately.  The total sale volume is 1590ETH  which is over 6M in USD at the current ETH price. Assuming that creators get 5% royalty, it would mean that the team made $300K in a couple of months from the NFTs.

The art itself looks well made. It shows that the team is serious about the project and put a lot of work in it:

Social sentiment

Interest in the project is well reflected in the social accounts. Twitter has 312K followers, they joined Twitter in August and in the recent 30 days attracted 281.4K new followers.

Discord has 184K members. Engagement activity is great on both platforms.

Team and ecosystem

The project has 31 team members doxxed on the website many of them came from the game development industry.


Dan Khomenko - CEO of,, Executive advisor of, one of the biggest blockchain consulting and software development companies in the crypto industry.

Andrey Sudarikov - co-founder of PlayDisplay - interactive design studio which worked for such brands like BMW, Renault, Coca-Cola.

Dmitri Andreev - art director - top 100 Russian digital artists according to Nacional Russian Museum.

Roman Povolotski - game producer with 17 years of experience, winner of 12 video game rewards.

The team looks trustworthy and besides the strong profile -  yesterday Sidus announced the partnership with Animoca Brands.

Animoca Brands will be involved in the development of SIDUS’ gaming mechanics. The two companies will also cooperate in marketing initiatives to reach a larger audience.


Yesterday was a day for Sidus token IDO launch, The IDO took place on 6 launchpads.

There will be 2 tokens, the main one  - in-game token $SIDUS and the governance token - $SENATE. Both were sold in equal proportions.

All of the coins allocated for the public round sold out for $0.0018 raising $1,5M.

In a private and seed investing rounds, Sidus raised $8,8M, so in total, including NFTs, the team raised over 10M. The price for the private round coins were:

Seed round - $0.001

Pre-sale - $0.0016

Private - $0.0012

The token $SENATE is more for those who will participate in the ecosystem and want to have voting rights over the game development. The main token which is more interesting from an investment perspective is $SIDUS.

The Current market cap of $SIDUS is unavailable and the diluted cap is $2,1B. In the last 24 hours - $24M were traded. After the launch, the price of $SIDUS peaked to $0.10 (55X from IDO price) and is currently trading at $0.07.

10% of public IDO tokens are unlocked from the start and the remaining amount will be periodically released in batches of 10% vested over the next 10 months.

5% of all private rounds coins will be released at TGE, then 3-month lock and starting with 4th month - 5% monthly vesting (22 months in total).

It’s not clear for how long the teams tokens will be vested as the official White paper only includes token distribution in the tokenomic section but the team holds 6.5% of all tokens. It’s a quite small amount, the most common team allocations vary from 10% to 20%.

Roadmap and upcoming events

On January 10th 2022 SIDUS HEROES beta version will be available to holders of Sidus Heroes NFTs.

On January 23rd 2022, the team will release a public beta version of the game. At this point, the game will also be available for the Sidus Academy collection. NFTs from the Academy collection won’t provide players with the same benefits that Heroes from the genesis collection do. Academy collection NFTs will be less valuable, they are mainly meant to expand the game to wider audiences.

The roadmap extends into 2025 and shows that the team will mainly focus on expanding the metaverse with new planets and galaxies players can explore. There are also other cool promises, like building and trading spaceships, there will be a Sidus book .


For the game being available on a browser, graphics are really well made and my concern is that the game can be really laggy for many users.

The other question I was unable to answer - will the game be only available for Sidus Heroes and Sidus Academy NFT holders. If yes, how many of the Academy NFTs there will be. It’s clear that there will be 6000 Sidus Heroes but the details about the Academy collection are yet to be announced.

With such strong social sentiment, the Sidus Heroes NFTs should be really valuable if the team will deliver a great game that many people will want to play. Plus, there will be staking so a large portion of the NFT will be staked, decreasing the supply even more. (will you be able to play while NFT is staked..?)

It is the first crypto gaming project for the team but the team look very capable, successful experience with building other projects can confirm that. Plus, partnership with Animoca brands provides an additional layer of trust.

Overall, the game is one of the few that look like a convincing investment, it checks all of the most important categories - the graphics, the team, the partners, social sentiment. Plus it’s not that long until the promised release date. But that is also a concern because the game wasn’t even developed for a year (exact development date it’s not clear but having in mind NFT launch in August, for sure they they started in 2021) and if the initial version will be disappointing, it can affect the market sentiment and the price of $SIDUS.