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TombStoned High Society: Cavern Collider

TombStoned High Society: Cavern Collider

Today TombStoned High Society Cavern Collider goes live. Check out what we know about it so far.

TombStoned High Society is a Solana NFT collection of 6,666 stoned Skeletons. Since the mint on April 1st, the collection generated 155k+ SOL in volume, hit 20 SOL FP at its high and earned its place as one of the top communities in the Solana NFT world.

Tombstoned High Society NFT on a marketplace

Even Frank was coming to hang out in the Skeletons chat occasionally and commented that such a cool community as TombStoned has the potential to go far.

SAV is the founder and the leader of THS, and the community loves him. He’s smart, hardworking and active in Discord chats.

Tombstoned high society front page

Today, June 1st is the launch of Cavern Collider Skeletons have been waiting so impatiently.

Many people, especially new members joining the Tombstone High Society, have questions about it. So I collected all the information I could find and laid it out here.

So what is the Cavern Collider?

In short, it’s a mutation of TombStoned NFT. Beyond the visual improvement, the NFT will also generate more $JOINTS, a token of the ecosystem. Currently, one TombStoned NFT generates 7.5 $JOINTS per day.

$JOINTS come in handy in the Mausoleum, where holders can win blue-chip NFTs in raffles and auctions. DeadGod, Blocksmith Labs, Famous Fox Federation, Okay Bear are just a few Mausoleum examples. $JOINTS spent in raffles and auctions are burned.

The details about the Collider are still foggy, and we’ll get to know more once it is live. But one thing we know for sure is that you will need $JOINTS to mutate your skeleton.

Illustration of Tombstoned Cavern Collider

What’s really cool and exciting about the THS mutations is that there will be a few ways to do this.

You can fully mutate your skeleton for 1K $JOINTS (not confirmed by Sov, the amount of $JOINTS needed could be different), enjoy new art, and 2.5x $JOINTS boost. So, if your NFT earns 7.5 $JOINTS today, after full mutation, it will generate 18,75.

The innovation coming from THS is mutation layer by layer. This means that you can go slow and mutate your skeleton over time. The first layer mutation will cost 175 $JOINTS, and the cost will likely increase.

Now, let’s talk Skulls

Skulls is a secondary collection airdropped to holders a little while ago. You can find it on Magic Eden. If you own a TombStoned NFT, and haven't got a Skull yet, you should definitely consider as they are cheap, and holding it will give you multiple benefits.

Tombstoned Skulls on Magic Eden marketplace

First, you can stake it to get 2.5 $JOINTS per day. Skulls will also play a role in the Cavern Collider. By default, you will have to lock your TombStoned NFT for seven days until the mutation is complete. Skull will speed up trait mutation to 1 day per trait. The bad news is that a used skull will be burned so you will not get it back.

BTW, I heard that holding more than 1 Skull will give additional benefits even after the mutations are over.


Besides the art upgrade and the $JOINTS token reward boost after the mutation, the Cavern Collider will also bring deflationary mechanics not only for Skulls but for $JOINTS too as the tokens used for mutations will be burned.

SOV has something in the works that will come next after the mutations. It will bring more even benefits to holders and further deflationary pressure on $JOINTS.

Have fun mutating your Skeleton! To stay up to date make sure you follow @TombStonedHS.

Not financial advice.