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TON Network: Thriving Ecosystem, High APY Farms & Free Games That Pay!

TON Network: Thriving Ecosystem, High APY Farms & Free Games That Pay!

Explore the Abundant Opportunities on the Fast-Growing TON Blocklchain!

In recent months, the TON Network has shown significant growth in on-chain activity. The network currently has over 5 million wallets, with 320 thousand active daily addresses at the time of writing. The TON blockchain is already a strong competitor to other layer one chains like Ethereum and Solana, which is impressive given that TON is a relatively new network.

These users are bringing in liquidity, as we can see on the total value locked (TVL) chart from Defillama. Since March, the TVL has been steadily increasing and shows no signs of slowing down.

TON Total Value Locked

If users and money are flowing into Ton, there must be some fun things to do there, right?

Absolutely, the ecosystem is thriving with plenty of opportunities we all love, but more on this a little later. First, let’s get to know the Ton blockchain.

What is Ton?

The core of this system, the TON Blockchain, is designed for speed and growth. It can process transactions fast due to its dynamic splitting feature. This design allows the network to manage millions of transactions in a second. And it can grow smoothly as more users join. It's perfect for developers who want to launch apps for a vast number of users without sacrificing speed or safety.

TON's ecosystem includes multiple components, each serving a distinct purpose:

  • TON Blockchain: The core of the system, designed for high performance and scalability. It employs dynamic sharding to process millions of transactions per second, ensuring the network remains efficient as user numbers grow.
  • TON Storage: A decentralized file storage system similar to torrent networks, providing a reliable and secure way to store large amounts of data .
  • TON DNS: Simplifies accessing blockchain addresses and services by assigning human-readable names, making the user experience more intuitive.
  • TON Services: Includes a range of decentralized services like TON Proxy (a decentralized VPN service) and more, all integrated to function seamlessly together.

Introducing the TON App Store

One of the standout features of the TON ecosystem is its app store. The TON App Store provides a centralized hub for decentralized applications, allowing users to discover and interact with a variety of dApps directly. This integration is particularly appealing to crypto enthusiasts looking for easy access to a wide range of blockchain-based services. Let's have a look at the dApps on Ton that are worth your attention:


Tonstakers is a liquid staking application on the TON blockchain that allows users to stake their Toncoin (TON) and receive tsTON, a derivative token representing the staked TON plus rewards. This feature enables users to remain liquid while still earning staking rewards, making it easier to engage in other DeFi activities without having to lock up their assets completely.

Tonstakers home page

Currently, the number #1 app by TVL on Ton network with 75k+ Ton stakers. The current APR is 2.83% which in crypto world doesn’t look that significant but do not forget that tsTON can be utilised in the ecosystem. Tonstakers collaborates with key players in the TON ecosystem, such as TON Core Developers and Tonkeeper. is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the TON blockchain. It stands out in the DeFi space for its innovative approach to trading, leveraging TON's technology to provide a seamless and efficient user experience. farming page offers virtually zero trading fees and minimal slippage, the platform is expanding its functionalities to support cross-chain operations. Also affer the native token staking and farming pools, with some farms offering up to 90% 24h APR.

Storm Trade

Storm Trade is a decentralized trading platform on the TON blockchain, designed to offer a seamless and user-friendly trading experience directly through Telegram.

Storm Trade enables users to trade with up to 100x leverage across a variety of asset types, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, and commodities. One of the standout features of Storm Trade is its integration with Telegram. This integration allows users to manage their trades, receive notifications, and monitor their portfolio directly within the Telegram app.

Storm trade home page

The platform has seen significant trading activity, with daily volumes ranging from $500k to $4 million and over 20,000 connected wallets.


Tonstarter is the first and leading launchpad on the TON (The Open Network) blockchain, providing a platform for projects to raise capital through public and private token sales and product incubation. It aims to support the growth of the TON ecosystem by assisting projects with fundraising, advisory services, marketing, and community engagement.

Tonstarter home page

TONstarter extends beyond funding and token sales—it's a platform designed to foster project growth through a variety of campaign features. Users have the opportunity to earn a project’s native token, NFTs, stablecoin rewards, or even experience points by engaging with an app and participating in different activities. Additionally, TONstarter offers a feature known as “community_bot” on Telegram, created to provide a stimulating and rewarding experience for users exploring new TON-based applications.


Evaa is TON's first lending and borrowing protocol, similar to the popular Ethereum-based protocol Aave. The protocol enables users to deposit their cryptocurrency assets like $TON, $USDC, or $WBTC into a pool from which others can borrow. In return for lending their assets, users receive interest, while borrowers pay interest on the assets they take out. This happens directly in Telegram, which means that you can use a portion of your TON-based capital as collateral for loans to further use in the ecosystem.

Evaa home page

JetTon Games

JetTon Games is a premier gaming platform on the TON blockchain, integrated seamlessly within the Telegram messenger. As the first and still leading gaming platform on TON, JetTon Games boasts over 5,000 licensed games, including classic slots, poker, 3D action games, and live games, offering something for every type of gamer.

Jetton home page

The platform uses its native token, $JETTON, which is highly traded and boasts significant liquidity. JetTon Games only partners with licensed providers and holds a Curacao gaming license, ensuring fair play and high security standards. The average return to player (RTP) rate is 96.8%, reflecting the platform’s commitment to fair gaming.

Why TON Network is Poised to Lead the Next Bull Market Surge?

The TON Network is not just a blockchain; it’s an ecosystem brimming with innovation and opportunities. As you’ve seen, TON has rapidly become a serious contender in the blockchain space. The growth in on-chain activity, the increasing number of active users, and the soaring TVL are clear indicators of TON's potential.

The seamless integration with Telegram makes TON particularly retail-friendly, positioning it to explode when the bull market brings in a new wave of users. Imagine a blockchain where liquidity flows effortlessly, transactions are swift, and users can easily access a variety of dApps directly through Telegram. As retail investors flock to user-friendly platforms, TON is set to become a hub of activity and opportunity.