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Bot Head NFT

Bot Head NFT

In today's secondary review series we have some cool looking robots but they are more than that...

What they do?

Some call Bot Head a poor man version of Blocksmith Labs. Perhaps for a reason, Bot Head brings to the ecosystem whitelist management, Discord verification, sales bot, and alpha management tools for DAOs.

When it comes to whitelists, Bot Heads make life easier for creators, individuals, and also for communities. It allows DAOs to track the remaining WL spots they have for projects and collect whitelisted wallets in a more user-friendly way. Individuals in the communities can find WL opportunities and also follow mints they have whitelist spots for.

Creators can automatically collect WL wallets and have control of WL spots available for communities. On top of that, they can use the Bot Head Discord verification mechanism and sales and listings bot for Discord.

bot head NFT collection robots

The access to the tools are structured by the amount of Bot Head NFT you own. Owning one NFT unlocks tools made for individuals, and projects get benefits by holding 2 or 3 Bot Head NFTs. Projects can also access the service with a monthly subscription fee if buying 3 Bot Heads isn’t an option. Holders benefit from 50% of the fees received from monthly subscriptions. The other 50% will go into the treasury, specifically earmarked to pay developers.

The tools are still in Beta, but there are three projects in the pipeline to use them. Three projects might not be a lot when it comes to generating revenue, but it's only the beginning for the Bot Heads.

The Team

Created by @MonkeDAO, @Papa_MooMoo, an experienced and doxxed dev @DCoulbourne, and an artist @NateGio.

PapaMooMoo curates the Big Brain NFT gallery. Coulbourne manages Pot Heads, a collection launched in January with ties to Bot Heads. It’s doing alright but not great—only 4.1K volume over five months.

Pot Heads chart
Pot Heads floor price chart

Final thoughts

Everyone hates how WL management is set up in the SOL NFT space right now, and I like that the Bot Head team is good at identifying these problems.

Although I’m not convinced that the collection will take off high (I hope they prove me wrong), because we’ll see more whitelist management tools coming up, so the competition will be more intense. Plus, I do not see enough utility for individual NFT holders or how they can sustainably benefit from the growth of Bot Heads. The 50% from subscription fees divided by 2400 (total supply) is not that much unless you have tons of clients.

Anyway, I think they’ll do alright. The art is excellent, the team are problem solvers, and the community is active.

Not financial advice! Always do your own research.