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Guild Of Guardians Game Overview

Guild Of Guardians Game Overview

Would you like to earn income while going on adventures on your mobile phone. Keep reading!

Guild of Guardians is a multiplayer p2e ARPG (action role-playing game) on Immutable X where players can join for free and earn GOG tokens or collect NFT heroes.

In the game, players will be able to form their team of heroes and go on adventures to collect resources. They will use these resources to craft items or mint new heroes which can be traded for real money.

The development of the game started in mid-2020 and the release on Android and iOS is planned for the beginning of 2022 (at least that is what’s said in the FAQ section of the website but the roadmap in a white paper only mentions closed invite play-testing in Q1, 2022).

How large is the Guild of Guardians community?







@GuildOfGuardian Twitter account was created in October of 2020. The project is followed by some notable people and projects. To mention a few - Sandbox, Tom Bileyu, Kieran from Illuvium. The engagement is average and more activity is seen in the tweets showcasing game graphics. The AMA that took place yesterday, has almost 900 views on Twitch by today.

The NFT sales that are being offered by the team can give a positive perspective on the attention the game has. The game NFTs sale which took place last Friday, sold out at a rate that caused technical difficulties for the team. There were 190K of NFTs sold, the cost of an NFT was 0.016ETH (~$70).

Guild of Guardians game graphics

Gameplay graphics are fantasy-themed, pretty simple but look attractive and have some uniqueness.

Guild of Guardians creators

Guild of Guardians is developed by the Ukrainian game studio Stepico, which has 100+ skilled technology enthusiasts and passionate gamers. The studio has developed multiple mobile titles in the strategy and RPG space, the games combined have received more than 5 million downloads.

The director of the game is Derek Lau, he doesn’t look too fancy from an accomplishments perspective but has 8 years of experience in start-ups and he's been in crypto since 2017.

Guild of Guardians has raised a total of $3M in a single ICO round which took place in January of 2021 but the investor profile page on Crunchbase only shows a single investor - Yield Guild Games.

Below are the current partners and among Immutable and YGG, there is also Ubisoft. Guild of Guardians has been selected to be a part of the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Labs program. In short, it means that GOG will get support from Ubisoft, which is great as with the help of its massive resources, Guild of Guardians has a higher chance to reach mainstream success.

Guild of Guardians partners

Guild of Guardians token

$GOG (Referred to as ‘gems’ in the game) is an ERC-20 token that will be a utility token and currency of the game.

ICO was recently held on Coinlist and 6% of the supply (1B tokens) was available for the public investors. Currently, the $GOG is sold out and will become available on December 21, 2021.

There were 2 buying options in the ICO - 4% of the coins were offered for $0.1 and 2% for $0.075. The difference is that the cheaper option has a 12-month locking period where the half of $0.1 coins will be released on December 21. So, 20M tokens from the public sale will be available on December 21. The initial market cap will be $9375000.

The rest of the token allocations are as follows:

Guild of Guardians allocation chart

The token vesting graph shows that developers and private sale participants have their coins locked for a year. The largest amount of the coins that will be available from the start are assigned to the community and a fixed amount of $GOG will be released into the market every day, they will be distributed to players ​​as rewards depending on qualifying game behaviors.

Guild of Guardians coin release chart

The full supply will be distributed over 4 years.

The roadmap and upcoming events

The team aims to release Guild of Guardians on mobile in early 2022 although the roadmap only mentions closed invite testing in Q1 of 2022.

Soft launch of an Alpha version in Q2, beta as far as Q4 of 2022, and the full release - Q3 of 2023. So the game is not very close but from the beginning of next year, the announcements will be rolling out and should keep people interested and engaged.

Quick overview

Bull flags

  • Strong social sentiment
  • The developers are already accomplished and experienced game builders
  • Meaningful partnerships

Bear flags

  • As with most blockchain games that are currently being developed, the release date is foggy or it is pretty far ahead, so there will be lot of uncertainty in the near future.

Final thoughts

The Guild of Guardians seems to have a lot of traction. Although social accounts don't signal exceptional interest, the game NFT sales and pre-registered users say that the community is really looking forward to the game and there is a high chance of it being really successful.

So far, over 120K players pre-registered (and it’s possible that the number is outdated as in the Youtube video from September the amount was the same, so it could be much more). I believe big partnerships like Ubisoft or Yield Guild games will definitely help to bring some eyes on the Guild of Guardians.